Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to Homewood's Blogpatch!

Hi Homewood fans and garden enthusiasts! Welcome to the blog for Homewood Nursery and Garden Center. We thought it would be fun for us to have a place for Homewood employees (a.k.a. Homeys) to come and talk about one of our favorite topics: gardening! And gardens, and our favorite plants, and all the cool, interesting, and wonderful things that happen in and around gardens...maybe with some garden gripes thrown in here and there, too.

So, put on your favorite Internet surfing slippers and feel free to join in by posting comments. We'd love to hear your "green thoughts", too!

by Tina, Communications Director
Tina Mast Homewood Nursery


LTS3 said...

I love working here. It is the best place I've ever been employed. We are all treated as one big family. I really dont consider this work most of the time. It is a joy to come in early in the morning and enjoy Gods beautiful creations.

Joshua said...

Congrats Homewood! The blog is a nice touch to your website. Wishing you all a happy Fall!

Your Friends at Logan's!