Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fabulous Portland Gardens

Hi everyone,

I'm a lucky dog this week, touring Portland Oregon area gardens with the Garden Writers Association. This is my first time at one of these shin-digs and I am having a blast. Garden writers are a fun and friendly group and I have lots of cool plants, products, and books to show and tell about. For now, though, since it's just about past my bedtime, here are a few pictures from the home gardens we toured today in Portland. There's some striking differences between the gardens of Portland and the gardens of Raleigh. Of course, it's much cooler here so that influences plant selection. I have been pea green with envy all day at the dainty and exquisite fuchsias that abound in Portland gardens, among other horticultural delights. Portland gardens, many being on small urban lots, are small and often set on an incline so that they slope to the sidewalk and street. Many people have completly eliminated the front lawn in favor of rambunctious and lively plantings including a lot of edible plants. I saw a lot of tomato plants worked into garden beds.

-Tina, Communications Director

Hardiman's Horticultural Haven. I'd like one of each, please.

Part of the front gardens at Lauging Spirit Gardens.

This is definitely the most original potting table I have ever seen. Besides, the architectural remnants and the flowery porcelain sink, it also features a Spiderman action figure, an ET action figure, and a Will Rogers shot glass. I may not quite get it but it was certainly good for a mid-garden giggle.

Potted succulents at Lauging Spirit Garden

by Tina, Communications Director
Tina Mast Homewood Nursery

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Hi Tina,

It was fun sitting next to you at the banquet. Can't wait to catch up with you guys in Raleigh next year.~~Dee