Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Edition of Vital Plant Reference Book!

Ok, this probably qualifies as one of those news tidbits that people in our industry are more likely to be interested in but serious plant lovers will want to know this, too. The new 6th edition of Dr. Michael Dirr's Manual of Woody Landscape Plants has been published! For those of you who didn't get glazed over just reading the title and seeing the word "manual", this new edition has over 2,000 new species and cultivars listed as well as expanded descriptions of former entries. This plant nerd, at least, is excited! If you've never seen the manual but are really interested in trees and shrubs, you're welcome to come by and peruse our much-loved, much-abused 5th edition in the nursery office. It's a great reference for thousands of plants.

-Tina Mast, Communications Director

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