Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red-tailed Hawk Sittin' on a Limb

Did you know that Homewood Nursery is a Certified Wildlife Habitat? Apparently someone did.Monday was made a little bit more interesting than usual here at Homewood by a large, feathered visitor. A lovely red-tailed hawk flew in for lunch (quite literally, she found herself a tasty shrew amongst the ivy by the nursery office) and landed on a nearby dogwood.
She sat there for at three hours or so while I took her picture from every angle and never seemed to mind all the attention she attracted.
I managed to get within 15 feet of her to capture some of these images.
For a few mintues during the siting, a brave (or maybe just stupid) squirrel actually taunted her but she never moved to strike him!
As the sun began to set she decided to find a new vantage point and on the way she stopped in at the courtyard pond for a drink.
From her perch in another dogwood overlooking the parking lot she sat, warmed by the evening sun and seemed to pose for me by looking this way and that.
Believe it or not, there are some days when it's not all about plants :)

Christina, Assistant Nursery Manager

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